House of Balsa AT-6 "Texan"

My first "full-house" power plane. Fiberglass over balsa fuse. Wings covered with Worldtex. 2 liter soda bottle bottom as cowl.

OS .20 fp


House of Balsa AT-6 "Texan"

Some time later, I revisited this kit. Monokote covering over stock airframe. Navigation and landing lights

Como .29

Sold. Current whereabouts unknown

This is a great little kit of generally high quality. Only downside is the ground handling of this narrow tracked tail-dragger. Keeping it light will help, as will bending a new set of wire landing gear with the axles pointing outwards instead of inwards.You can see the inward pointing axles on the green T6 and if you look carefully, you can see the outward pointing axles on the yellow one.

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